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Space Planning
Bathroom Renovations

Kitchen Renovations
Fine Art Curating and Specifying
Tabletop Design
Custom Furniture Designs
Custom Cabinetry Design
Paint Palette Section
Material & Fabric Selection
Mill Work / Custom Cabinetry Design
Lightning Plan
Lighting Fixtures Section
Accessory Placement & Section


“J.Portis thank you for helping the team and staff with your designs” MK


Our interior designer Joelle Portis is AMAZING!!!!! She hooked up my teenage daughter’s bedroom beautifully. My daughter was so excited she sent social media ablaze of pics of the modern Hollywood Boutique look that Joelle put together!. “That is saying a lot when my daughter put pics of her room on social media.” We have recommended family, friends, neighbors and Seahawks players to work with Joelle Portis. –She is one of the best interior designers in the Seattle area I trust her and my family loves her work.. — Melody & Travis J.

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Joelle when we were browsing for furniture for our soon to be remodeled living room. The remodeling project took at least 6 months, but it didn’t matter, when we contacted Joelle she remembered who we were. She listened to our ideas about what we liked and didn’t like, and put together a collection of beautiful furniture and accessories that really stands out. The living room is the first room that is seen by anyone entering our home, and we have received so many compliments about how the room looks like something out of a magazine very modern and transitional. I have recommended /referred Joelle very highly to my family, friends and neighbors. Sincerely, Sonia Zwilling



“A good designer has to have an eye for form and function, color, pattern, and texture. She has to be able to balance all those elements into a pleasing, harmonious room. These are inherent talents that can be developed through schooling and experience, but a great designer has another even more important talent. That is the ability to listen and sincerely care about the needs, wants and vision of the client. We gave Joelle Portis a real challenge when we asked her to incorporate our treasured antiques with a more modern transitional style! She worked tirelessly finding just the right pieces to bring our design ideas to reality. I have been amazed on more than one occasion when she has called to say, “you will not believe what I found for you! It’s perfect!” And it is perfect! Throughout our experience working with Joelle she has earned our trust and respect with her and humor. We contacted Joelle to help with our vacation home and again another great job. Love you Joelle” –Deborah L. & Mike B.



This is a testimonial for Joelle Portis an Interior Designer.  I had an extremely pleasant and professional experience with Joelle Portis.  She is an exceptional interior designer who is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her work.  My interaction began this year as I was looking to renew my life again. My interaction with Joelle began that way.  She was immediately determined to ensure that I had a successful reboot of my life and she was willing to play a part in that.  That meant a lot to me. This is a rare quality to find.

I pride myself on knowing and recognizing integrity and stability in people, values, I hold extremely high.  Joelle exudes that. During my house design time, she displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition.  She is dedicated to her craft and brought an abundance of creativity and new design to my home. I was especially impressed by her ability to get the essence of what I was hoping for so easily.  It was like she was reading my mind.

I believe Joelle is the epitome of excellence in her field-  God has given her an incredible talent! I highly recommend Joelle and look forward to working with her for many years to come.–Ravi Vedula Partner Director of Engineering – Microsoft.



“When it comes to designing your home, condo or apartment, Joelle Portis can help you make your vision come to fruition! She is very passionate about her work and meeting your expectations. She takes the time to listen to all your wants, needs and desires. She is 100% committed to your overall satisfaction and will go above and beyond to prove it to you. We cannot thank her enough for her time, enthusiasm, energy, and design that she provided to us at the Bravern. Thank you, Joelle for all your hard work in the model redesign. Most Sincerely, Kathleen B.