As a child I loved experimenting with color and form. At the age of fourteen, I painted walls and moved furniture in our six bedroom home while my parents were away. I thought they would be thrilled and proud of my work. Unfortunately, I didn’t have their permission. Following my bliss at that age got me into trouble! My parents taught me that asking questions and listening to what people want is as important as designing a beautiful room.
My parents also taught all eleven of their children the values of honesty, determination and hard work, following your heart’s desire and bringing happiness to those around you. As a young single mother, I passed these lessons and values on to my son, J.Portis. He followed his bliss and I am beyond proud of his accomplishments as an NFL player with the Seattle Seahawks.

Joelle’s design styles range from transitional, modern, contemporary to innovative, and she collaborates with each client to develop a unique expression to personalize ones style and enrich their home or office. With a keen eye for style & uniqueness Joelle approach is skilled for all design demands.  Urban pads for millennial professionals and flexible surroundings for families, contemporary for singles, as well as any style for retired baby boomers and empty nesters that are downsizing.